The Company

The Company

Since 1998, Let’sTalkGroup is a Swedish - Portuguese multinational company specialized in the development of Human Capital. We have provided expertise services in the areas of Corporate Training and Management Consulting.

With the support of highly qualified national and international consultants, Let’sTalkGroup uses a methodology of flexible work, tailoring its services to the real needs of clients offering personalized corporate training services.

Provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to support Management and Human Resources Management, promoting the success of organizations and its assets, through skills development and value creation.

Overcome our client’s expectations through a service of excellence, constantly updated, following the constantly changing of the global market and supported by high standards of quality when providing our clients any service.


To be recognized internationally as a global company and leader in the development of Organizations and Human Capital in a very differentiated and sustained way.


• Customer Orientation
• Intelligence
• Versatility
• Innovation and Creativity
• Commitment
• Ethics
• Social and Environmental Responsibility


• HR Consulting
• Management Consulting
• Mistery Shopping & Customer Satisfaction
• Corporate Training
    • Human resources & Training
    • Secretarial & Administrative Support
    • Corporate Management
    • Personal Development & Communication
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Accounting & Finances
    • Law & Legislation
    • Purchase, Stocks & Logistics
    • Energy & Industrial management
    • Quality, Environment & Security
    • Ethics & Social Responsibility
    • Project Management
    • Travelling & Tourism
    • Information Technologies
• Outdoor Training
• Events Management

Let’sTalkGroup differentiates in the market by offering customized services to meet the specific needs of each client.