LTG Outdoor Corporate

LTG Outdoor Corporate

“Make your employees to feel the spirit of the company  by involving them into the company vision, mission and values”

According to several studies accomplished by recognized international specialists, the results obtained depend on the methodology used during the training. The studies indicate that the results after the training do not overcome the 5% when the participant attends a theoretical education; while it can reach the 85% when there has been an active participation through a group dramatization pretending everyday situations of the organization.

Outdoor Corporate Team Building

The Outdoor Training aims to give the participants an opportunity to experiment and face situations that occur in their daily working life allowing them to test, correct and perfect their behaviours. Using these practical experiences and simulations the participants acquire soon the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with real day-to-day situations in their organisations.

  • Improves simultaneously the emotional and reasonable elements
  • Works all the fields (body, vision, hearing, imagination, perception, empathy, reaction) in all circumstances
  • Simulates practical challenges
  • Simulates challenges and the sensation of winning (conquered success)
  • Serves as an introduction to behavioural changes
  • Supports innovation of ideas and the commitment to improve the area or company results
  • Leads to recognize and consider new possibilities and opportunities in the company and market reality


Let’sTalkGroup develops specific Outdoor Corporate Training programs adapted to the profile of each participant, taking into account the real need of the organisation. Outdoor Training develops employee skills in such areas as team building, communication, trust and self-confidence, leadership, conflict and organizational change management.


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