“Open minded! Excellent sharing of experiences!”
Vera Mateus, PT CONTACT


“I think the seminar went extremely well and highly motivating! I feel it's a real benefit to bring international speakers such as Kjell to Portugal to help cultivate and grow new leaders in every industry. Kjell also brings an element of great compatibility and his style is easy to understand no matter what the local language is. Overall I felt the seminar was a great success.”
David dos Santos


"Kjell has a wonderful approach to the subject and is able to put things across in a different way which make it easier to adapt to one's own experiences and life. He is a very warm and engaging personality and his enthusiasm is infectious. I hope to meet him again soon.”
John Pinckney

“I enjoyed listening to Kjell very much – he’s a wonderful motivator.”


"A seminar with Kjell Enhager is always appreciated and very inspiring! I have seen Kjell many times and every time you get astonished by his energy and professionalism. He has also a great humor and you get hit by the fact that life is not that difficult if you think positive. In my world I think if you ever feel a strong will to change your life - it will be after a seminar with Kjell! I recommend all people to take the opportunity to see Kjell in action and listen to what he says. If you want better relation at home, at work, in your sport/hobbies or even just better relation with yourself."