Social Hire: Recruiting Strategies

Social Hire: Recruiting Strategies

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Wed, 26/10/2016 - 09:00 - 17:30
Ref#: SH_16
Nº of hours: 7


SOCIAL HIRE RECRUITING STRATEGIES aims to produce an international exchange on best practices for social media networking, gaining new knowledge and leveraging the latest social recruiting trends. This programme will provide attendees with the skills and know-how for finding, selecting and recruiting the best candidates on social networks. Through the hands-on workshop with simulation exercises you will learn how to transform your team’s recruiting effectiveness on social media.


> Building your recruitment brand on social media: what results can you expect to see from investing time in social media?

> Defining:
   - your target audience;
   - how to reach them;
   - your ultimate business objectives for your social media presence.

> Step-by-Step How to build a strong corporate presence on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook;

> Bonus Step How to leverage the networks of all the individual recruiters on your team;
> How to proactively use social media to spark conversations with clients or candidates;
> How to use social media to boost your search engine rankings;
> Social media targeted advertising explained;
> Free and low-cost tools you can use to accelerate your results.

Speaker BIO

Dan Soschin

From Silicon Valley to Sweden and from Toronto to Tampa, Dan Soschin tackles the tough topics of marketing such as branding in a digital economy, social analytics, and customer service in the age of internet. Attendees at Dan’s sessions laugh, cry, and typically leave with hands-on tactical things to do the very next day. Yes! You can do this at home!
When not globe-trotting to spread the gospel of branding, Dan’s typical day includes guiding the marketing strategy for healthcare and medical education companies throughout the USA and building high performing marketing organizations.
Dan got his start in technology where he contributed to the launch of four start-ups over a before jumping into higher education. He’s the type of guy that DVRs the commercials, and not the TV shows.
Dan currently resides in Tampa, Florida, with his lovely wife (a Pilates instructor), his toddler (a champion of cuteness), and more than 1,000 Pez dispensers (yes, he ate all the candy).

Who should attend

> Recruiters
> Headhunters
> Human Resources Directors
> Recruitment & Selection Directors
> and all professionals who regularly recruit and hire


What will you cover

Learn how:
> Social recruiting has transformed the recruitment process
> Candidates can be found and approached directly via their social profiles
> Social referral technologies enhance recruitment through employee referrals
> To build your recruitment brand on social media
> To use social media to boost your search engine rankings
> To speed up your results with free and low-cost tools
> To establish an employer branding strategy


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1 Attendee: 580€*

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Wed, 26/10/2016 - 09:00 - 17:30
Ref#: SH_16
Nº of hours: 7

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